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You can find a list of ThrustMaster drivers on this page. To download a particular ThrustMaster driver, simply select it from the list below. Our website provides drivers for such operating systems as Windows 10, 11, 7, 8 / 8.1, Vista and Windows XP (64/32 Bit). If you are not sure what type of driver is right for you, we recommend downloading a special utility that will automatically select a proper driver for your system. The utility identifies over ten million devices and is easy to use. To start the download, please, click here.

USB devices (31) Audio cards (14)

Thrustmaster is an innovative company that manufactures gaming peripherals, including joystick and flight controller systems, driving wheels and pedals, and audio headsets. The company is committed to providing gamers with an immersive experience by utilizing their products tailored to enhance the gaming experience.

The Thrustmaster mission is to provide "an exceptional ergonomic design along with intuitive and accurate controls""as well as a range of features such as force feedback, RGB lighting effects, game-specific settings and custom profiles. Their products are designed for use with PC's and consoles, covering a wide variety of games from racing simulators to virtual reality experiences.

Thrustmaster's most popular products include:

  • The T300 Series racing wheel collections which feature customizable force feedback intensity levels.
  • The TPR Pendular Rudder which utilizes advanced technology for total precision in flight control.
  • The TS-XW Racer Wheel which comes with a built-in pedal set and precise force feedback capabilities.
  • The Hotas Warthog Flight Stick which provides realistic throttle movements for precise control over aircraft simulations.

What are ThrustMaster Drivers and Why are They Important

ThrustMaster drivers are small pieces of software that help your computer recognize and communicate with the hardware components attached to it, such as a gaming peripheral from ThrustMaster. Without these drivers, the device would be completely unusable — meaning you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of its features or even use it at all!

The importance of having the correct driver installed on your computer cannot be overstated — many problems you may experience with your ThrustMaster device are caused by incorrect or outdated drivers. For example, if you have an issue with force feedback on your wheel not responding correctly, this could mean that you need to update the corresponding ThrustMaster driver in order for it to work properly again. In some cases, older versions of certain components may not be compatible with the newest releases of Windows, so updating your PC can also require updated driver packages for any attached peripherals.

Not only do these drivers ensure that your ThrustMaster game controllers, audio headsets and other accessories function as intended but they can also boost performance by eliminating potential compatibility and communication issues between system elements. With accurate and up-to-date driver software installed on your system, you can optimize the response time — allowing for a more seamless gaming experience overall.

Finding and Downloading the Latest ThrustMaster Drivers

Finding and downloading the latest ThrustMaster drivers for your computer is essential for making sure that your gaming peripherals work properly. Luckily, it’s fairly easy to do! There are two main ways to get the latest drivers for your system: through the ThrustMaster website, or using a third-party driver updating tool.

The easiest and most convenient way to find the exact driver you need is by visiting the official ThrustMaster website and locating their downloads page. There, you will be able to select your device type as well as its specific model in order to find the appropriate software package. The download should come with an installer that can help you complete the process quickly and easily.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to search through the official site, you can use a third-party driver update tools (there are several other options available). These tools allow users to automatically detect any outdated or missing drivers on their PC, then offer a solution to update them all at once. This can save time versus manually tracking down each individual device package from its manufacturer’s website — plus it reduces the chances of accidentally installing an incorrect version of software for any given component.

How to Install ThrustMaster Drivers on Your Computer

Installing ThrustMaster device drivers on your computer is an important part of getting the best results from your gaming peripheral. Here are the steps to follow in order to correctly install your driver:

1. First, visit the ThrustMaster website and locate the “Downloads” page.

2. Select the model of your device, then click on “Download” next to the appropriate driver package you need.

3. Once the file has finished downloading, double-click it to launch the installer and follow any instructions that appear.

4. If prompted by a security window, click “Allow” or “Run” in order for installation to proceed.

5. When you see a confirmation message, click “Finish” and restart your computer if asked to do so.

6. That’s it! The driver should now be successfully installed — if necessary, consult your manual or other documentation for further information on using and setting up your device once its drivers are fully operational.

Common Problems with Outdated ThrustMaster Drivers and How to Fix Them

If you have outdated ThrustMaster device drivers installed on your computer, you could experience a variety of issues. These can include malfunctions or missing features during gameplay, glitches or lag when connecting to a server, and incorrect input from the console controllers. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to resolve these issues and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

To start, you should check the “Device Manager” section of your PC control panel and make sure that all installed devices are up-to-date. If they aren’t, download the correct version from the ThrustMaster website and replace what is currently installed. You may also wish to use Windows Update to get the latest driver updates for any similar components — this helps ensure that any bugs or performance issues related to outdated drivers are eliminated.


In addition, third-party driver updating applications can be used to quickly scan your system for any outdated or missing drivers, then install them in one click directly from within the application itself. This helps ensure that everything is up-to-date and running at its best! Alternatively, if any serious problems occur due to incorrect driver versions, you may need to reinstall the entire operating system from scratch in order to reset any damaged components.

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