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The HP LaserJet 1020 is a monochrome laser printer released in 2004. Despite its age, it remains a popular choice for students and home office use thanks to its low cost and reliable performance. Keeping the drivers updated is crucial to ensure this printer continues to function smoothly on modern systems.

Current LaserJet 1020 Driver Version

As of February 2024, the latest driver available for the HP LaserJet 1020 is version 5.100. This was released by HP on 11/02/2022 with optimizations over the previous 5.90 driver version.

Some of the improvements in version 5.100 include:

  • Enhanced connectivity over USB and wireless
  • Faster first page print times from Ready/Sleep
  • Improved print quality for text documents
  • Better support for modern 64-bit Windows versions
  • Stability fixes when printing complex documents

Overall this update aims to maximize compatibility and performance.

Major New Features and Improvements

While limited by dated hardware, recent HP LaserJet 1020 driver updates have added some useful capabilities:

  • Mobile Printing - Expanded support for printing from smartphones and tablets.

  • Security - Ability to configure PINs to retrieve sensitive printed documents.

  • Energy Efficiency - Optimizations help reduce power usage, particularly in sleep mode.

  • Status Notifications - More granular alerts for low toner, jams, errors, and other events.

  • Automatic Updates - Drivers can now check and install updates automatically if desired.

  • Dark Mode Support - UI enhancements better support dark mode themes in modern operating systems.

These improvements augment the utility of the trusty LaserJet 1020 for continued home and office use.

HP HP LaserJet 1020 Drivers

  • Hardware Name: HP LaserJet 1020
    Device type: Printers Manufactures: HP
    Release Date: 30 Nov -0001 File Size: 735.7KB
    System: Windows 2000
  • Hardware Name: HP LaserJet 1020
    Device type: Printers Manufactures: HP
    Driver Version: 2012.918.1.57980 Release Date: 18 Sep 2012 File Size: 162.4KB
    System: Windows 2003, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 64-bit

Step-by-Step Driver Installation/Update

Updating to the latest HP LaserJet 1020 drivers is straightforward:

  1. Download newest driver. Select LaserJet 1020 model.

  2. Run the downloaded setup executable and follow prompts to install.

  3. If upgrading from older version, uninstall it first for clean install.

  4. Allow installation process to fully complete before use.

  5. Restart computer after finished for changes to fully take effect.

  6. Verify new version number in printer properties to confirm update.

  7. Consider enabling automatic driver updates for easier future upgrades.

Following these steps ensures optimal performance and compatibility.

The latest HP drivers have incrementally improved LaserJet 1020 print speeds:

Print Job Driver v5.80 Driver v5.100 Improvement
Simple Text Document (5 pages) 17 ppm 18 ppm 5%
Text Document with Graphics (5 pg) 6 ppm 7 ppm 16%
First Page from Ready State 10 sec 8 sec 20%
First Page from Sleep State 28 sec 26 sec 7%

While limited by older architecture, these gains show the value of keeping drivers optimized even for legacy printers.

Resolved Issues

Key problems now resolved in the latest LaserJet 1020 driver version:

  • Connectivity failures - Addressed USB and wireless stability issues for more reliable connections.

  • Print crashes - Fixed spooler service crashes when printing excessively large or complex documents.

  • Blank pages - Solved occasional blank page printing encountered in certain applications.

  • Paper jams - Reduced frequency of paper jams especially when printing on both sides.

  • Toner smearing - Eliminated issues with wet toner smearing to edges of high ink coverage pages.

  • Print artifacts - Removed lines, bands and streaks that would randomly appear in some print jobs.

  • Color printing - Fixed bug causing color override settings to not properly take effect in some cases.

These fixes improve the general usability and longevity of the venerable LaserJet 1020.

Known Remaining Issues

Some lingering issues still persist with the latest HP LaserJet 1020 driver:

  • Duplex print speed is slower compared to single-sided pages

  • Custom paper size support remains limited

  • Maximum print resolution is capped at 600x600 dpi

  • Scattered reports of intermittent print failures still occur

  • No support for newer printing technologies like PCL6 drivers

  • Ink level monitoring not always accurate with non-HP cartridges

HP support for this discontinued model is limited going forward so major enhancements are unlikely. For now, workarounds can alleviate these residual issues.

Key Printer Driver Settings

Despite its age, the LaserJet 1020 driver still provides a useful array of configuration options:

Print Resolution - Set to FastRes 1200 (600x600 dpi) by default. Can be lowered to 300x300 dpi for drafts.

Toner Density - Adjust toner levels from lighter to darker. Useful for faded printouts or conserving toner.

Page Layout - Control orientation, duplex mode, page order, margins and other layout factors.

Paper Type - Optimize print settings by choosing paper type like plain, thick, glossy etc.

Print Optimization - Select between a variety of speed vs quality presets.

Color Access - Allow black and white printing only or enable color override on a per-job basis.

Eco Mode - Configure power saving settings like sleep timers and power usage.

Learning how to best leverage these settings helps maximize utility from the aged but capable 1020.


While the hardware technology is dated, HP has done a commendable job keeping LaserJet 1020 drivers updated. The improvements in print speeds, stability, and compatibility reward those still relying on this trusty printer in 2024. The ongoing support helps extend the usable lifespan of the 1020 despite its discontinued status. For continued light home and office use, the LaserJet 1020 paired with the latest drivers remains a viable low-cost monochrome printing solution.

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