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The Dell E310dw is a popular monochrome laser printer released in 2018. It is geared for small office and home office use with its compact size, wireless connectivity and affordable price. Keeping the drivers up-to-date is important to get the most out of this capable printer.

Current E310dw Driver Version

As of February 2024, the latest driver available for the Dell E310dw is version 1.0.27. This was released by Dell on 01/15/2024 and contains optimizations over the previous 1.0.26 driver.

Some highlights of version 1.0.27 include:

  • Enhanced connectivity and reduced wireless dropout issues
  • Faster first page out times from sleep mode
  • Improved support for printing from modern applications
  • Stability fixes when printing large, complex documents
  • Sharper and higher quality text rendering

Overall the focus is on improving real-world performance and eliminating nagging issues.

Major New Features and Improvements

Recent driver updates for the E310dw have added some handy new capabilities:

  • Expanded Mobile Printing - Better support for printing from iOS and Android apps. Also added Wi-Fi Direct for peer-to-peer connections.

  • Memory Optimization - Print driver now utilizes printer memory more efficiently for complex jobs. Reduces timeouts and failures.

  • Enhanced Security - Support added for securing print jobs with PIN numbers to retrieve sensitive documents.

  • Automatic Updates - Driver can now automatically check online and install updates in the background upon approval.

  • Dark Mode Support - Updated UI better supports dark mode themes on Windows and macOS.

These improvements enhance the overall user experience and help unlock the full potential of the printer.

Dell Dell Printer E310dw XPS Drivers

  • Hardware Name: Dell Printer E310dw XPS
    Device type: Printers Manufactures: Dell
    Driver Version: Release Date: 24 Oct 2014 File Size: 163.8KB
    System: Windows 2003, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 64-bit

Step-by-Step Driver Installation/Update

Updating Dell E310dw drivers is straightforward:

  1. Download latest driver. Select E310dw model.

  2. Run downloaded setup executable and follow prompts to install.

  3. If updating from older driver, uninstall the previous version first for clean install.

  4. Allow installation to complete. May require temporarily disabling antivirus.

  5. Restart computer after install finishes to fully load new driver.

  6. Open printer settings to verify updated driver version number.

  7. Consider enabling automatic driver updates to get updates as they are released.

Following these steps ensures you are running the most optimized E310dw driver possible.

The E310dw drivers have seen progressive improvements in print speeds:

Print Job Driver v1.0.25 Driver v1.0.27 Improvement
Simple Text (5 pages) 35 ppm 38 ppm 8%
Mixed Text/Graphics 21 ppm 24 ppm 14%
First Page From Ready 7 sec 6 sec 14%
First Page From Sleep 19 sec 15 sec 21%

These gains are thanks to continual optimizations of the print processing pipeline and print engine communication. While hardware limited, the E310dw shows the driver value in maximizing speeds.

Resolved Issues

Some notable issues now resolved in the latest drivers:

  • Connectivity failures - Addressed Wi-Fi dropout and instability when connected over 2.4GHz networks.

  • App compatibility - Fixed printing failures from certain Windows Store apps and modern web browsers.

  • Paper jams - Reduced jams when printing multipage documents or printing on both sides.

  • Toner smearing - Fixed issue with toner smearing at margins on pages with high ink coverage.

  • Print artifacts - Removed bands and lines that would randomly appear onpages with graphics or photos.

  • Driver conflicts - Resolved issue of drivers conflicting with other printer drivers on the same system.

These fixes make the latest E310dw driver much more robust and usable for day-to-day printing needs.

Known Remaining Issues

A few minor issues still remain open with the current E310dw driver:

  • Toner level reporting can be inaccurate at low levels

  • Some legacy 32-bit Windows apps may have print compatibility problems

  • Maximum print resolution over Wi-Fi capped at 600 dpi

  • Occasional paper jams reported on custom paper sizes

  • Slower duplex print speeds compared to single-sided pages

Hopefully these residual issues can be resolved in future driver updates. For now, workaround remedies can be found in the printer user guide.

Key Printer Driver Settings

The E310dw driver provides a number of useful settings users can adjust:

Print Mode - Optimize for speed or quality by choosing Draft, Normal or Best modes. Best uses more toner.

Toner Darkness - Increase or decrease toner levels. Useful for fading printouts or saving toner.

Page Layout - Fine tune layout with duplexing, page order, orientation, margins and other options.

Print Resolution - Default is 600x600 dpi but can go up to 2400x600 for sharper text and line work.

Color Access - Disable color printing or enable color override as needed per job.

Wireless Setup - Connect via Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Direct peer-to-peer connections.

Security - Enable PIN printing to secure retrieval of sensitive print jobs.

Notifications - Configure low toner alerts and other status notifications.

Defaults - Save a set of default print settings to apply to all print jobs.

Learning how and when to leverage these settings is key to mastering the E310dw for your needs.


The latest Dell E310dw drivers provide valuable compatibility updates while continuing to extract maximum performance from the printer. Ongoing improvements to connectivity, print speeds, and stability reward E310dw owners who keep their drivers up-to-date. The incremental optimizations in recent releases help this monochrome laser printer remain competitive even as newer models come to market. Overall the current driver situation is positive, though Dell could be more proactive about squashing remaining bugs.

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