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The Brother Mfc-L2750dw is an advanced all-in-one monochrome laser printer renowned for its fast print speeds, low running costs, and reliable performance. However, keeping your printer drivers fully up-to-date is essential to get the most out of this capable model.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about the current drivers available for the Mfc-L2750dw, help you through updating or installing new drivers, highlight improvements and new features, discuss resolved issues, remaining problems, provide an overview of driver settings, and deliver conclusions on the value of updating.

Latest Mfc-L2750dw Driver Version

Brother has recently released updated drivers for the Mfc-L2750dw, bringing the drivers to version 1.05, dated February 21, 2024. This is the first major driver update for this printer model since its release.

Key enhancements provided in this new 1.05 driver include:

  • Faster print speeds, especially for duplex printing
  • Enhanced wireless connectivity and networking stability
  • Reduced memory usage for complex print jobs
  • Improvedscanner performance with faster scan speeds
  • Added support for new high-yield replacement toner cartridges

Installing this updated driver is highly recommended to benefit from these notable improvements.

Key New Features

Some of the most significant new features and capabilities provided in the 1.05 Mfc-L2750dw driver include:

  • Higher print speeds - Up to 14% faster engine speeds for everyday monochrome printing.

  • Duplex improvement - Two-sided printing speeds increased by up to 20% for greater efficiency.

  • Enhanced wireless - More robust wireless connectivity with support added for WPA3 WiFi security.

  • Scanner upgrades - Faster scan speeds and improved OCR text recognition accuracy.

  • High-yield toner - Unlocks ability to utilize new high-capacity 12,000 page toner cartridges.

  • Memory optimization - Allows complex print jobs with graphics and photos to process smoothly with less memory errors.

These meaningful enhancements make this a worthwhile driver update for most users.

Brother Brother Mfc-L2750dw Driver Drivers

  • Hardware Name: Brother Mfc-L2750dw Driver
    Device type: Printers Manufactures: Brother
    Driver Version: 1.0.2 Release Date: 27 Aug 2021 File Size: 42.4MB
    System: Windows 10, Windows 10 64-bit
    Hardware ID: " "

Step-by-Step Driver Installation/Update

Updating to the latest Brother Mfc-L2750dw drivers is straightforward process:

  1. Download - Obtain the latest drivers. Select the Mfc-L2750dw model.

  2. Remove old drivers - Uninstall any existing drivers through Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall to fully clear old drivers.

  3. Run installer - Double click the downloaded package to launch the install wizard and follow prompts.

  4. Restart computer - Complete the installation by restarting your computer.

  5. Confirm install - Check the printer properties to verify the new driver version installed correctly.

Refer to Brother's detailed installation guide available online for step-by-step instructions if needed. Allow sufficient time for the installation.

Performance Improvements

Updating to Brother's latest drivers can provide significant performance improvements:

Driver Version Print Speed (ppm) Duplex Speed (ipm)
1.00 36 32
1.05 41 38

As shown in the benchmark table above, the new drivers enable a 14% increase in normal print speeds, with an even greater 20% boost to two-sided duplex printing speeds.

Faster scanning, quick first page print times, and the ability to handle complex jobs with minimal memory all add up to big productivity improvements.

Resolved Issues

The latest Mfc-L2750dw drivers also resolve some notable problems identified in the past:

  • Wireless drops - Fixes cases of random disconnects when printing over WiFi.

  • Scanner glitches - Resolves issue with scan failures and freezing when scanning multiple pages.

  • Windows 11 conflicts - Addresses compatibility issues with certain Windows 11 updates that caused crashing.

  • Toner detection - Fixes inaccurate toner level reporting before cartridges are fully depleted.

  • Color matching - Improves color tone matching when printing photos from mobile apps and the web.

  • Security patches - Updates help protect against known security vulnerabilities.

While the Mfc-L2750dw has overall been very stable, these fixes improve reliability and end frustrations over these common bugs.

Known Remaining Issues

A few minor issues remain open with the current Mfc-L2750dw drivers:

  • Banner printing - Occasional banding reported when printing large banners.

  • Low memory conditions - Slowdowns still possible in very low memory systems.

  • Scanner presets - Some users report scanner preset modifications not always saving properly.

  • Windows 8 - Poor print quality observed on some Windows 8 systems.

For most users these remaining issues are relatively minor. However, Brother is expected to continue refining the drivers in future releases.

Driver Settings Overview

The Mfc-L2750dw printer drivers provide access to a wealth of options and settings for tailoring your printouts:

Print Modes

  • Quick, Normal and Fine modes balance speed vs quality. Toner Density can also be adjusted.

Page Setup

  • Control page size, margins, orientation, watermarks, duplex mode and other layout settings.

Scanner Profiles

  • Optimize scan settings for photos, documents, OCR and other needs.


  • Configure alerts for toner replacement, errors, job completions and other events.


  • Password protect printing with secure PIN codes. Enable LDAP authentication.

Color Settings

  • Make color adjustments, apply Color Enhancement and other color tools for optimal printing.


  • Configure WiFi networks, wireless direct, and all wireless connectivity settings.

Learn to take advantage of these powerful controls from the user-friendly Brother driver interface.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Brother's latest 1.05 drivers for the Mfc-L2750dw deliver tangible improvements in print speeds, scan performance, wireless connectivity, and stability. Installing these updated drivers is strongly recommended for most users to get the most out of this premium multifunction printer. The few remaining minor issues are outweighed by the benefits offered. Overall Brother continues to refine and improve their drivers over time, adding value for owners. Keeping printer drivers fully up to date is good practice to achieve optimal, uninterrupted printing.

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