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The Mfc-L2710dw is a popular monochrome laser printer known for its fast print speeds, low running costs, and reliable performance. As with any printer, having up-to-date drivers installed is essential for getting the best performance and taking advantage of the latest features.

Latest Driver Version

The most recent driver released by Brother for the Mfc-L2710dw is version 1.15, which came out on November 30th, 2022. This update provides several fixes and optimizations over the previous driver version 1.12.

Key highlights of driver version 1.15 include:

  • Release Date: November 30, 2022
  • Windows Versions Supported: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016
  • Printer Models Supported: Mfc-L2710dw, Mfc-L2730dw, Mfc-L2750dw
  • Major Fixes:
    • Resolves network connectivity issues
    • Addresses intermittent printer offline status
    • Fixes spooler crashes when printing large jobs
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Faster first print time from sleep mode
    • Enhanced printing speeds for complex documents

Overall, version 1.15 aims to provide greater printing stability and optimize key performance aspects like initial wake-up print time. The fixes should resolve many of the common issues users have experienced with older drivers.

Key New Features

The latest Mfc-L2710dw drivers provide both under-the-hood performance improvements as well as some handy new capabilities:

  • Mobile Printing - The drivers now include Brother's iPrint&Scan mobile printing solution that lets you print directly from a smartphone or tablet. iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices are supported.

  • Enhanced Status Monitor - The printer status monitor app has been redesigned in this version for greater convenience. You can now view printer alerts, check supplies status, and access printer settings more easily.

  • Expanded Print Archive - The drivers now support printing documents from the Windows Print Archive, allowing you to reprint historical documents easily.

  • Color Emulation - For more accurate color output, the Postscript driver now includes color replacement tables for SWOP, Commercial Press, and other color print standards.

  • Improved Print Profiles - The drivers include updated print profiles for common paper types that help optimize print quality right out of the box.

Combined together, these new features expand the capabilities and printing options for Mfc-L2710dw users considerably.

Brother Brother Mfc-L2710dw Driver Drivers

  • Hardware Name: Brother Mfc-L2710dw Driver
    Device type: Printers Manufactures: Brother
    Driver Version: Release Date: 27 Aug 2021 File Size: 42.4MB
    System: Windows 10, Windows 10 64-bit
    Hardware ID: " "

Installing/Updating Drivers

Installing or updating to the latest Mfc-L2710dw drivers is a straightforward process:

  1. Download - Get the latest driver installer. Be sure to select the Mfc-L2710dw model.

  2. Remove Old Drivers - If upgrading an existing driver, use the Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features section to uninstall the current driver. Restart the printer afterwards.

  3. Run Installer - Double click the downloaded driver file and follow the on-screen prompts to install. The wizard will guide you through the installation process.

  4. Print Test Page - Print a test page when complete to verify the new driver is active and working correctly with your printer.

The above process will ensure the Mfc-L2710dw has the latest drivers installed and is ready to access all the new features and improvements detailed in previous sections. Be sure to consult Brother's installation guide for your printer model if any issues are encountered during the process.

Performance Improvements

The optimization work done on the latest Mfc-L2710dw drivers has resulted in noticeable performance improvements:

  • Faster First Print Time - A 20% reduction in time from sleep mode to first print out compared to previous drivers. This allows you to print right away rather than waiting around for warm up.

  • Increased Print Speed - Print jobs complete 7-10% faster with the updated print processor, especially those with lots of graphics and images.

  • Enhanced Print Quality - Optical density tuning delivers better contrast and sharper text across various print modes.

  • Reliable PCL Performance - Under-the-hood PCL optimizations prevent job failures and inconsistencies when printing from non-PostScript applications.

  • Expanded Driver Compatibility - Improved support and stability across Windows 10, Windows 11, and Server versions allows leveraging the latest OS technologies.

Altogether, the performance tuning done on the Mfc-L2710dw drivers adds up to a snappier, more reliable printing experience. You can expect to get print jobs done faster while maintaining the excellent print quality the Mfc-L2710dw is known for.

Resolved Issues

The latest driver release resolves many of the common bugs and pain points owners of the Mfc-L2710dw have experienced:

  • Connectivity Failures - The "Printer Not Connected" error that sometimes popped up over networks has now been fixed.

  • Intermittent Offline Status - A reboot is no longer required to restore proper online status when this intermittent glitch occurs.

  • Spooler Crashes - The print spooler no longer crashes when attempting to print very large and complex documents.

  • Scanning Failures - TWAIN and WIA scans should now work properly after an issue causing failures with certain documents was addressed.

  • Windows 11 Incompatibility - Printer properties and configuration now works correctly on Windows 11 after an underlying compatibility issue was patched.

  • PostScript Graphics Glitches - Complex graphics and shading now print accurately without glitches or banding thanks to PostScript improvements.

With these fixes in place, the key frustrations owners have had with previous Mfc-L2710dw driver versions have now been addressed. Everything should work smoother with far fewer unexpected errors and crashes.

Known Remaining Issues

While major strides have been made improving the Mfc-L2710dw drivers, a handful of problems remain outstanding:

  • Watermark Cutoff - Watermarks near the edges of paper are sometimes clipped or cut off, especially on custom paper sizes.

  • Margins Ignored - Print jobs occasionally disregard margin settings, resulting in content printed to the edge.

  • PCL Grayscale - Grayscale images in PCL print jobs may have a slight color tint to them.

  • Scanning Lag - Large scanning jobs over 10 pages can slow down and lag when using the Brother scanning interface.

The development team is working to address these remaining bugs in upcoming releases. Until fixes are available, using the suggested workarounds in Brother's online knowledgebase can help manage the issues.

Overall, the number of major defects are reduced significantly in the latest driver compared to past versions.

Driver Settings Overview

The Mfc-L2710dw printer drivers provide extensive options and settings you can tweak to control print output:

  • Print Modes - Choose from a range of modes focused on prioritizing speed, quality, or ink savings. This includes draft, normal, best, graphics, etc.

  • Paper Size - Supports settings for common paper dimensions like letter, legal, A4, envelopes, and ability to create custom sizes.

  • Orientation - Switch between portrait and landscape page orientations.

  • Color Settings - Advanced controls for brightness, contrast, gamma, color replacement, and print emulations.

  • Tray Selection - Choose which tray to print from for printers with multiple paper sources.

  • Print Order - Print pages in reverse order or print from last page first.

  • Scaling - Scale print jobs larger or smaller from 10% up to 500%.

  • Watermark - Add custom watermarks and overlays to printed pages.

  • Header-Footer Print - Insert date, time, page numbers, or custom text in margins.

Take advantage of these tools within the driver print settings to really optimize the Mfc-L2710dw output for your specific needs.


Version 1.15 of the Mfc-L2710dw drivers represents a major step forward for this trusted monochrome laser printer. With performance enhancements, new features like mobile printing, and fixes to long-standing issues, this update is recommended for all owners. The optimizations result in faster print times while the expanded capabilities give you more ways to print from all devices. Despite some minor bugs that remain, the overall driver situation for the Mfc-L2710dw is now excellent.

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