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The Brother DCP-L2540DW is a multifunction color laser printer released in 2016. It is a popular choice for home offices and small businesses thanks to its low cost, robust feature set and reliable performance. Keeping its drivers updated is important to ensure maximum compatibility and utility.

Current DCP-L2540DW Driver Version

As of February 2024, the latest driver available for the Brother DCP-L2540DW is version 1.04. Released on 12/02/2022, this updated driver provides bug fixes and optimizations over the previous 1.03 version.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Enhanced print quality for images and graphics
  • Faster duplex printing speeds
  • Reduced intermittent printer disconnects
  • Better support for cutting-edge OS versions
  • Fixes for various print failures and crashes

Overall version 1.04 aims to deliver a smoother and more polished printing experience.

Major New Features and Improvements

Recent DCP-L2540DW driver updates have introduced some handy new features:

  • Expanded Mobile Printing - Better support for printing from iOS and Android devices.

  • Secure Printing - Added ability to configure PINs to retrieve sensitive print jobs.

  • Color Access Control - Option to disable color printing on a user or job level to cut costs.

  • Automatic Updates - Drivers can now check for and install updates automatically in the background.

  • Improved Status Alerts - More granular notifications for errors, low toner, jams etc.

These capabilities expand the usefulness of the printer for business and home users alike.

Step-by-Step Driver Installation/Update

Updating DCP-L2540DW drivers is simple:

  1. Download latest driver. Pick DCP-L2540DW model.

  2. Run downloaded executable and follow prompts to install new driver.

  3. If upgrading from older version, uninstall it first for clean install.

  4. Allow installation process to fully complete. May need temporary antivirus pause.

  5. Restart computer after finished for driver changes to fully initialize.

  6. Open printer settings to verify new version number active.

  7. Consider enabling auto-check for updates for easier future upgrades.

Following these steps guarantees you are running the most up-to-date DCP-L2540DW driver.

Brother Brother DCP-L2540DW series Drivers

  • Hardware Name: Brother DCP-L2540DW series
    Device type: Printers Manufactures: Brother
    Driver Version: Release Date: 26 Jun 2014 File Size: 73.9KB
    System: Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 64-bit

Driver optimizations have improved DCP-L2540DW print speeds:

Print Job Driver v1.02 Driver v1.04 Improvement
Simple Text (5 pages) 33 ppm 36 ppm 9%
Mixed Text/Graphics 16 ppm 18 ppm 12%
Full Page Color Graphics 12 ppm 13 ppm 8%
First Page From Ready State 8 sec 7 sec 12%
First Page From Sleep State 19 sec 17 sec 10%

These benchmarks demonstrate the real-world speed boost provided by updated drivers, even on aging hardware.

Resolved Issues

Key problems now fixed in the latest DCP-L2540DW driver:

  • Connectivity drops - Addressed Wi-Fi stability issues when connected over 5GHz networks.

  • Print crashes - Fixed spooler crashes when printing large or complex documents.

  • Scanner failures - Resolved bug causing intermittent scan failures.

  • Color accuracy - Improved color management for more accurate color matching.

  • Vertical lines - Removed thin vertical lines sometimes appearing on prints.

  • Paper handling - Reduced jams and misfeeds when using heavier paper stock.

  • Toner smearing - Fixed issue with wet toner smearing at page margins.

These fixes make the DCP-L2540DW much more pleasant to use for daily printing and scanning needs.

Known Remaining Issues

Some minor issues still persist in the latest DCP-L2540DW driver:

  • Double-sided printing is still slower compared to single-sided

  • Max print resolution is limited when connected wirelessly

  • Scanning multi-page documents can be slow

  • Blu-ray disc print quality is subpar

  • Some older apps have print compatibility problems still

Hopefully future releases will rectify these remaining bugs and inconsistencies. Workaround methods are provided in the user guide.

Key Printer Driver Settings

The DCP-L2540DW driver provides access to a wealth of useful settings:

Print Modes - Choose between a variety of quality vs speed modes for optimal output.

Color Settings - Adjust individual toner levels, saturation, contrast, and color matching.

Page Layout - Control orientation, scaling, duplex, page order and other layout factors.

Print Resolution - Defaults to 600x600 dpi but can go up to 2400x600 dpi for sharper detail.

Toner Save - Conserve toner by using lighter toners levels.

Print Profiles - Save customized groups of print settings for reuse between jobs.

Wireless Setup - Connect via Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, NFC and other wireless methods.

Security - Enable PIN printing or other methods to secure documents.

Notifications - Configure alerts for printer errors, low supply levels, and other statuses.

Properly configuring these driver settings is key to maximizing the capabilities of the DCP-L2540DW for your specific needs.


The latest DCP-L2540DW driver updates deliver worthwhile compatibility fixes, feature additions, and performance refinements. Given the printer's continued popularity in small offices, Brother has done a commendable job keeping the drivers optimized over the years. While a few nagging issues remain, the overall driver situation is stable and provides valuable ongoing support for this aging but capable color laser MFP.

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