Audio Files Extensions


Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Bundle


Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist File


Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Preset File


3GPP Audio File


Amiga 8-Bit Sound File


4-MP3 Database File


3GPP Multimedia File


UNIS Composer 669 Module


Six Channel Module


Nintendo DS Audio Library File


Nintendo DS Sound File


Amiga OctaMed Music File


Eight Channel Module


Audio Interchange File Format


ADTS Audio File


Ableton Max Patch File


Ableton Live Set File


ATRAC3 Audio File


Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File


Velvet Studio Sample


Audible Audio Book File


Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File


Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File


Ableton Live Sample Analysis File


Amazon MP3 Downloader File


ACID Project File


Advanced Module File


ATRAC Audio File


Mass Effect 2 Audio File


Interplay Audio File


Music Album


Audio Data Transport Stream File


Audio Codec 3 File


aacPlus Audio File


Anghami Audio File


ABC Music Notation


Monkey's Audio Track Information File


DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File


Sony Ericsson Firmware Acoustics File


MAGIX ACID Project Backup File


ADPCM Compressed Audio File


Adlib Tracker II Instrument File


Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank


Ambling BookPlayer MP3 File


Ableton Live Clip File


Ableton Groove File


Ableton Device Preset File


Ableton Device Group


Adlib Tracker II File


DVD-Audio Audio Object File


Velvet Studio Module


Extreme Tracker Module


Akai Sampler File


Advanced Audio Coding File


Video Game Compressed Audio File


Audacity Project File


Audacity Audio File


Audio File


Compressed Audio Interchange File


Audio Interchange File Format


Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with Macros


Audible Enhanced Audiobook File


Cubasis Project File


AIMP Playlist File


Velvet Studio Instrument


WinAHX Tracker Module


Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module File


A-Law Compressed Sound Format


Adlib Tracker II Pattern File


Annodex Audio File


Bidule Layout File


Adlib Instrument Bank


Bagpipe Player File


CARA Loudspeaker Design File


GarageBand Project File


Blaze Audio Wave Information File


Broadcast Wave File


CARA Sound Radiation Data File


Cakewalk Bundle File


Sonic Foundry Batch Converter Script


SNES Sample File


Braille Music Markup Language File


BrainWave Generator Audio File


Winamp Playlist File


BRSTM Audio Stream File


Bonk Audio File


Audition Loop


Cubase Waveform File


Cubase Project


Raw Audio CD Data